Single Version develops highly-functional web-based products built using Drupal, one of the Web's most powerful and flexible content management systems.

Conference Blueprint

Do you need to run a conference or a series of workshops? If so, Conference Blueprint maybe the perfect solution for making this task a joy rather than something you dread.


Conference Blueprint provides all the front-end and back-end web capability for promoting and managing every aspect of your conferences and workshops. It's built using the latest web technologies and best practices provided by Drupal and its Zen theming framework. Conference Blueprint provides you with a secure, fully responsive website that works seamlessly on all major browsers and devices.


  • Fully responsive website for promoting and managing your conferences, workshops, and other events.
  • Completely customizable look and feel to meet your marketing and branding requirements.
  • Back-end database and administrative interface for event scheduling, registration management, email communication and marketing.
  • Fully featured e-commerce store for selling registrations and associated products.
  • Special features for promoting your organisation/committee, sponsors, key speakers and special items.
  • Built-in capability for SEO and Analytics.
  • Additional features for providing key conference information, generated material (e.g. photos, videos, presentations and papers), social media links, etc.

Visit our Demo Site to get a feel for the front-end capabilities of Conference Blueprint.

Please Contact Us if you would like to organise a full demonstration and really see how much easier running your events is going to be with Conference Blueprint.

How to get started

Once you've decided Conference Blueprint is the best solution for your needs, it is very simple to get started, and we will be there to help guide and support you every step of the way.

We will very quickly set up an instance of Conference Blueprint on one of our secure servers that you will have full access to and control of, and that has been optimised for use and performance. It is then just a case of customising and populating the site with your required information/content prior to launching the site and promoting your event/s. We can provide as much or as little support as you require to optimise the return on your event.

Please be assured that we understand how important it is for your events to run smoothly and to be highly successful. Conference Blueprint is based on great technology and has been successfully tried and tested. We are very confident it will make a great difference to the ease of running your events.


  • There is a monthly fee of $25.00 associated with hosting and maintaining site security and functionality.
  • Price of SSL certificate passed on at cost if running e-commerce store feature (estimate $100/yr).
  • Technical support charged at $100/hr.
  • There are no licensing fees or any other such charges for the use of Conference Blueprint.
  • There is no minimum or maximum time you have to use Conference Blueprint. You pay only for the time you use it and can stop using it any time you want.