Managing and Running an International Conference

One of Murdoch University's key scientific groups was responsible for hosting an international symposium in the field of omics research, and needed a system to assist them in this process and to help ensure the event's success.


The Separation Sciences and Metabolomics Group at Murdoch University engaged Single Version to assist them with building a brand for a new omics research network, as well as develop a web-based system to handle all key aspects of running the international symposium/conference.

Key Features

  • Branding and look and feel that reflects the Omics Australasia identity.
  • Special features for promotion of the event/s, hosts and sponsors.
  • Back-end database and administrative interface for scheduling, registrations, email communications and marketing.
  • Handling of event material (e.g. presentation, papers, photos and videos) pre and post event.
  • Secure member registration and sign-on.
  • Built-in forum capability.
  • Built-in e-commerce capability.
  • Configured for SEO and analytics.

Key Drupal Specifications

  • Drupal 7 with customised Zen theme developed using Sass, Compass and Zen-Grids.
  • Fully responsive site that works across all major devices and browsers.
  • Key Drupal contributed modules include: Views, Feeds, Registration, SEO Checklist.


The resulting website/system, built on the Drupal CMS, very successfully handled all the promotion, communications, registrations and information related to the conference, it's gala dinner and satellite events. The whole event ran very smoothly and was considered a great success. This was also reflected in the results from the post-conference survey that was also performed and managed through the website. The system will be used to manage all future Omics Australasia events and is also expected to host a new science network/forum in the near future.