Creating an Event Management System

Single Version wanted to turn the success of creating a system to manage and run an international conference into a product that others could benefit from.


After the success of Managing and Running an International Conference, Single Version realised their Drupal solution could help many more people who need to run conferences, workshops and other events. Development has focused on adding more features and making the entire package easy to use. Many other solutions offered in this area either tend to be expensive or require a lot of technical expertise and work. In contrast, Conference Blueprint is easy to use, is highly functional and very affordable. 


Please see Conference Blueprint on our Products page.

Key Drupal Specifications

  • Drupal 7 with customised Zen theme developed using Sass, Compass and Zen-Grids.
  • Fully responsive site that works across all major devices and browsers.
  • Key Drupal contributed modules include: Views, Feeds, Registration, Commerce, Rules, SEO Checklist.


Conference Blueprint is a product that will save a large amount of time and effort for anyone who needs to run a conference, workshops or similar event/s. It is designed to be secure, reliable and user-friendly and fully backed and supported by Single Version. It is also highly flexible in that the user determines exactly how much technical and/or business support they require throughout the process of running their event; and after running their first event, can continue to use the product for future events where it is likely that little or no support will be required.